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Month: April 1999 (page 1 of 14)

My friend Scott is off to Australia for a one month adventure, the lucky devil.

The GNU project maintains a free software job listing service. Right now there’s only one job there, though.

webmacro is a free (GPL) Java servlet framework for Web programming. I’m going to have to try it out!

I’ll bet Michael Kinsley’s latest column at Slate has David Talbot over at Salon hot under the collar.

Rich Morin evangelizes for FreeBSD in SunWorld (I always link to FreeBSD articles).

Here’s a fascinating article by Mark Russinovich about enterprise servers and Linux for Windows NT magazine. The article is critical of Linux, but it’s highly technical and very interesting. While I have no doubt that the radical wing of Linux users will condemn Russinovich for heresy, this type of criticism is incredibly beneficial to the community, as it helps determine the path for where Linux needs to go.

According to this lame article from News.com, calendaring is the next important feature for the portals to implement. The article talks about the “treasure trove of detailed personal information” available to the portals from the calendars. Do I really want to post dates in my calendar if someone is going to filter through them and use the information to try to sell me more crap? Give me a break. That kind of makes you wonder what the free email services are doing with your email messages.

The Washington Post has an article about the now missing eBay auction for a team of employees from a major ISP that I linked to the other day.

http://www.spork.org. Why?

Why on Earth would I pay for Beta 3 of Windows 2000 when I can get FreeBSD for free?

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