Sun claims Kevin Mitnick inflicted 80 million dollars damage to the company when he stole the source code to Solaris (Sun’s flagship operating system). Now it turns out that Sun is giving away the same source code to certain parties for $100. This is amazingly similar to the Craig Neidorf (better known to Phrack readers as Knight Lightning) case from a few years ago, in which BellSouth accused Neidorf of publishing some E911 system documentation worth $80,000. In trial, the defense presented proof that more extensive documentation could be ordered from BellSouth for $13 by any member of the public who knew where to get the catalog. At that point, the case against Neidorf fell apart. It will be interesting to see whether the outcome is any different here. (By the way, Mike Godwin, the author of the EFF article I linked to, has left the EFF. In many ways, this marks the end of an era.)