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Month: August 1999 (page 1 of 10)

The new Power Mac G4 is the most aesthetically pleasing computer I’ve ever seen.

Bug found up Bill Gates’ ass … this story is from The Register, not The Onion.

Today, Slate is running a silly comparative taste test of beer.

AfterBurner is the latest entry in the high performance Web server market.

Need consulting? Why not go with a firm that’s a bit unorthodox.

I love open letters. Steven Champeon sent this link to an open letter from Robert Current to Red Hat Software, discussing what they could do next.

Simon St. Laurent is working on an outsider’s guide to the W3C, the guys who define all the Web standards that companies ignore.

Here’s an interesting question: is the CEO of your company 419 times more valuable than you are? A study has determined that top executives make 419 times more than the guy on the factory floor (or in the cube farm, I assume). In 1980, top executives made about 42 times more than your average working stiff. The real question is, are companies better run now than the were 20 years ago? If they are, then I really fear to think about how bad things were then.

Uber-journalist Ken Layne has written a piece on the Bush, Jr. drug controversy for GettingIt.com. By the way, Ken, if you’re reading this, I miss tabloid.net.

Ah, yes, the network is the computer Sun likes to say. Unfortunately, there are risks involved with that approach, as evidenced by the massive security breach at Hotmail this weekend.

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