I was a bit shocked to read that the United States is giving $43 million to the Taliban in order to help them fight the drug war on their own soil. The current residents of the White House are the same morons who told us that money is fungible, so no overseas aid can be provided to organizations that have anything at all to do with abortion. Now they’re kicking out the cash to the freaking Taliban, who can fight the drug war with our money and divert their own funds to oppressing women, blowing up ancient works of art, or perhaps manufacturing labels for non-Muslims to wear on their clothing. The fact that we’re doling out this cash to Afghanistan should be front page news in every paper, it’s the rankest example of United States hypocrisy that I’ve read in years. And yet I had to see a link over at Medley to an article in The Nation to read about it. That’s pathetic.