Declan McCullagh reports that support for the DMCA is still widely supported by the morons in Congress who passed it in the first place. And why should that surprise us? Their corporate masters are pleased as punch that they now have a large blunt instrument that they can use to punish anyone who writes software that irritates them in any way. They can sue, they can have them arrested — whatever it takes to prevent their bits from being copied. The only question here is how much damage is going to be done before the idiots who favor this law realize it isn’t doing them any good. I think that the ultimate resolution of this law is that it will be declared unconstitutional, since it violates freedom of speech, and runs counter to the rights of fair use and eventual expiration when it comes to copyrights. (Props to Rick Boucher, a Democratic House member from Virginia who favors rewriting the DMCA and letting Dmitry Sklyarov out of jail.)