I’ve been meaning to write about the fact that Dubya is on vacation for the entire month of August. Is it just me, or is this man determined to show just how little work someone can do and still be President? When he first took office, much noise was made about how Dubya would be off the clock at a regular hour, that he didn’t like to come in before 9, and that he enjoyed taking naps during the day. Now he’s taking a whole month off. Aside from Dubya’s politics, which I generally disagree with vehemently, I’m disappointed that the man doesn’t seem to want to work hard. Why would one aspire to have the most important job in the world if they didn’t have an agenda that demands a tough schedule? What’s the purpose of being President if you’re more interested in being in the residence in time for the early local news and hanging out at your ranch in the sticks? It seems to me that Dubya’s work ethic only confirms the impression that he wanted the job because he felt he was heir to it, rather than that he had some vision for this country.