Markets around the world are down this morning due to fears raised by the unemployment figures released last week by the Labor Department. At this point, can we turn the bleak economic landscape into a platform from which we can attack the ridiculous amount that CEOs are being paid, and even better, the idea that the corporate executives are only responsible to their shareholders? The Al Dunlap mentality has been in vogue for quite some time now, and it was hard to argue with when the markets were growing like gangbusters. Now that the largest legal creation of wealth bubble has burst, perhaps we can revisit the idea that corporations are best served by screwing their employees, customers, and community to the greatest degree possible in deference to quarterly results. When life gives you lemons, you may as well make lemonade, and the lemonade here could be attacking the “shareholders uber alles” dogma that currently rules the capital markets. Can we officially call that a failure yet?