When the Taliban complain about civilian casualties from U.S. air raids, it’s important to remember that the Taliban have their own long history of intentionally slaughtering Afghan civilians for nothing more than being from the wrong ethnic group. According to UN sources, there have been 15 massacres of civilians in Afghanistan over the past four years. These massacres were ordered by Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar himself, and many were committed, at least in part, by the Arab Afghans who are in Afghanistan serving Osama bin Laden. When you see people from Muslim countries on the news condemning the U.S. for its bombing of Afghanistan, ask yourself why they’re not condemning the Taliban and the Arab Afghans with the same breath. The Arab Afghans are foreigners who answered the call to jihad, and now find themselves in Afghanistan not fighting “infidels,” but rather fellow Muslims who won’t fall in line behind the Taliban. That should tell you something about the corruption of their leaders, and their mindless devotion to those leaders.