Lots of good reportage in the Washington Post today. The Post’s story in the capture of Kabul by the Northern Alliance provides lots of detail. Also of interest is the Post article on the retreat by Taliban forces. Despite the fact that the Taliban said that they abandoned Kabul to preserve the lives of civilians, they managed to steal everything they could and destroy what they couldn’t steal. It also confirms that foreign “jihadis” who came to Afghanistan to volunteer were acting as an occupying force on behalf of the Taliban:

Tawasuli and other Northern Alliance commanders also said the Taliban left behind a trove of documents, including passports, identity cards and training manuals, detailing the involvement of Pakistanis, Arabs, Chechens and other foreign fighters in helping prop up the Taliban regime. They said the documents, written in Persian, Urdu and English, confirm what Northern Alliance officials have long claimed: that thousands of foreign troops were integrated into the Taliban force and may have formed the core of the Taliban’s front-line defense.