Jacob Weisberg in Slate: <a href=http://slate.msn.com/?id=2060788″>Enron as Whitewater. Weisberg makes the obvious case that when it comes to charges of wrongdoing by Bush administration officials, there’s no there there, at least not yet. Are the close ties between the Bush administration and the fraudmasters at Enron unseemly? Obviously. But they weren’t seen as such until Enron was exposed as a big stock market scam. At this point, the proper course of action in the Enron scandal is to seek facts without handing down accusations. Once the facts are known, there’s a really good chance that we’ll confirm what I already suspect, which is that nobody in the Bush administration broke the law, and that the laws and regulations that were bought and paid for by Enron created the climate where Enron could get away with the corporate equivalent of murder. The Democrats should be clamoring for those laws to change, and pointing out that the Republicans aren’t going to be the ones who change them.