I watched the Super Bowl. Here are some observations not related to the game (the game was great, but people don’t care what I think of the football game).

  • I really wanted to know what mlife was. The ads never explained, and my trip to mlife.com revealed that it’s nothing but another name for standard AT&T wireless service. So what.
  • That guy in the Crazy Legs ad from Levis is amazing. I still haven’t figured out whether he really moves that way or if it’s some sort of special effect.
  • I thought that the halftime show was utterly and completely crass. More crass than Playmate Fear Factor. Seeing the names of the victims of the 9/11 attacks scroll behind Bono skipping around the stage and thousands of fans cheering and waving their arms was utterly revolting. The entire affair reeked of Fox’s typical binge profiteering on the attacks.
  • The anti-drug ads that linked purchasing drugs to funding terrorism were shocking, but strike me as being totally ineffective. Are we trying to resuscitate the war on drugs by linking it to the war on terror now?
  • The Pepsi ad had a pointer to pepsi.yahoo.com at the end. I wonder how much Yahoo paid for that?