Ted Koppel defends Nightline on the NYT op-ed page:

But I have one complaint — and that is about the anonymous suggestion from one of our corporate executives, quoted in The Times, that “Nightline” has lost its relevance. Another unnamed executive implied that the program is no longer competitive or profitable — both assertions are demonstrably untrue — but relevance is a more subjective matter. I would argue that in these times, when homeland security is an ongoing concern, when another terrorist attack may, at any time, shatter our sense of normalcy, when American troops are engaged in Afghanistan, the Philippines, Yemen and Georgia, when the likelihood of military action against Iraq is growing — when, in short, the regular and thoughtful analysis of national and foreign policy is more essential than ever — it is, at best, inappropriate and, at worst, malicious to describe what my colleagues and I are doing as lacking relevance.