So, there’s been a lot of Bjorn Lomborg news recently. I mentioned a few months ago that Scientific American featured four articles criticizing Lomborg’s book, The Skeptical Environmentalist. Well, Lomborg responded to the articles on his Web site, but had to take down the responses because SciAm threatened to sue him. It seems like he’d have a good fair use case here, but I’m no lawyer. Anyway, you can read his response in Google’s archive.

One thing I notice on Lomborg’s Web page is that he doesn’t list a lot of the sites that criticized his work, which smacks of dishonesty. For example, he doesn’t have a pointer to the site set up by his colleagues at Aarhus University that features criticism of his work. That site has been around since at least November, so it’s not like he hasn’t had time to read their criticism or respond. He also fails to mention these critical articles from Grist Magazine, which seem to raise valid basic points that should be addressed, at least.

I particularly recommend the articles from Grist, they’re clearly written and the present powerful arguments. It’s also important to remember that Lomborg’s book was not peer reviewed, so it’s pop science at best.