Here’s the transcript of the press conference. I had forgotten about the part where President Bush chided President Chirac for calling on an American reporter (“I’ll call on the Americans”). Here’s the prize segment, though, where an American reporter asks a question in French, only to be mocked by Bush, who then goes on to utterly ignore the guy’s question:

PRESIDENT CHIRAC: Last question, for the American press, maybe?

Q You said in reaction to demonstrations against you and your administration during this trip in Europe that it’s simply a healthy democracy exercising its will, and that disputes are positive. But I wonder why it is you think there are strong — such strong sentiments in Europe against you and against this administration? Why, particularly, there’s a view that you and your administration are trying to impose America’s will on the rest of the world, particularly when it comes to the Middle East and where the war on terrorism goes next?

(Asked in French.) And, Mr. President, would you maybe comment on that?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Very good. The guy memorizes four words, and he plays like he’s intercontinental. (Laughter.)

Q I can go on.

PRESIDENT BUSH: I’m impressed. Que bueno. Now I’m literate in two languages. (Laughter.) So you go to a protest, and I drive through the streets of Berlin seeing hundreds of people lining the road, waving. And I’m — look, the only thing I know to do is speak my mind, to talk about my values, to talk about our mutual love for freedom and the willingness to defend freedom. And, David, I think a lot of people on the continent of Europe appreciate that. Appreciate the fact that we’re friends; appreciate the fact that we’ve got — we work together; that there’s a heck of a lot more that unites us than divides us. We share the same values; we trade $2 trillion a year. I mean, there’s — so I don’t view hostility here. I view the fact we’ve got a lot of friends here. And I’m grateful for the friendship. And the fact that protestors show up, that’s good. I mean, I’m in a democracy. I’m traveling to a country that respects other people’s points of view.

But I feel very comfortable coming to Europe; I feel very comfortable coming to France, I’ve got a lot of friends here.

Q Sir, if I could just follow —


If you know which journalist asked the questions in that series, please drop me a line.