My little jeremiad yesterday was not aimed at the hard working businessmen who go about their daily business honestly and ethically. I know that there are plenty of them, and as I’ve said, I’ve even worked with plenty of them. It’s aimed at the various commentators (like Andy Grove, President Bush, and any number of other executives I’ve seen on TV) who want to try to persuade us that unethical behavior in the world of business is somehow unusual. I’m not saying that these business men are all bad people, and that they beat their dogs and plot evil in the shower before work every morning. What I am saying is that most people are prone to ethical lapses, and that once you get started in that direction, it’s hard to stop. Anyway, if you’re a businessman who behaves ethically, keep up the good work. If you’re a businessman who’s unethical, I hope you get fired before you screw things up too badly. Either way, somebody ought to be keeping an eye on you.