Can I just say how stupid it was for Israel to kill the military leader of Hamas by blowing up his apartment with a one ton bomb in the middle of the night? Clearly Sheikh Salah Shahada is a legitimate military target — I wouldn’t even call killing him an assassination, as Hamas would openly state that it is at war with the state of Israel and he was a military leader. I also don’t believe the line of crap about the supposed Hamas cease fire that was coming until the killing. But Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Ben-Eliezer (who I praised for his smarts the other day) clearly could have foreseen that an apartment building in the incredibly overcrowded Gaza Strip would be chock full of people at any time of day, but especially so in the middle of the night. It’s obvious that the decision makers thought that killing Shahada was so important that anyone who happened to be nearby would have to pay the price. I wonder if they’d agree with that assessment today. Clearly Hamas is a barbaric and inhuman organization, but it doesn’t benefit Israel to equal that inhumanity. The best our miserable President could do was condem the attack as “heavy handed,” although I guess anything more strident would invite accusations of hypocrisy given our wedding party airstrike of a few weeks ago.