Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Washington Post op-ed, If We Must Fight . . ., is worth reading. Basically he lays out the steps that must occur for us to justifiably go to war with Iraq. I’m not a big Brzezinski fan, but I think that he lays things out pretty well here. I’m extremely uncomfortable with our preparations for war with Iraq, for any number of reasons. The most basic is that I don’t think that our reasoning for war is sound, that our preparations are adequate, or that our expectations are realistic. The Iraq hawks are cozying up to a bunch of Iraqi exiles who aren’t what we’d likely refer to as the sons of liberty. I personally don’t believe at all that they’re going to work tirelessly to make democratic reforms in Iraq, nor do I necessarily believe that Iraq is ready for democracy. Furthermore, I don’t believe that Iraq has the worst government in the world (although it might). Finally, it seems obvious to me that Saddam Hussein is quite interested in self preservation. I may be a fool, but I don’t believe that Saddam Hussein would use weapons of mass destruction against the United States or Israel without provocation. If he were suicidal, he’d already be dead.

I could be wrong about every one of these things, but it’s up to someone to make the case. The case has not yet been made.