Dave Hyatt smacks down his former bosses at Netscape for ignoring the obvious:

Plenty of other engineers at Netscape (as well as managers) complained about these problems and fought with those higher up to correct these problems. We lost every battle. The simple truth is that the people in charge of running the Netscape browser are incompetent. They don’t understand how to make a good browser, or they don’t care. Their engineers tell them what they’re doing wrong, and they don’t listen.

Maybe you’ll listen to the public. How about eWeek’s article, Netscape 7.0 Shrivels Under Mozilla’s Shadow? Are you paying attention now, you ignorant, stupid, incompetent buffoons?

The problems he’s referring to are the ones you already know about … the AOL crap everywhere in Netscape 7.0, the removal of useful but subversive features, and the general bloatedness of it. Everybody knows they can get the good stuff at mozilla.org, only the ignorant would even bother to download Netscape 7.0.