So, yesterday, President Bush had some harsh words about Iraq’s agreeing to allow weapons inspectors back in. What I find humorous is that he referred to Iraq’s move as a “ploy,” as if that’s a bad thing. Of course it’s a ploy. Does he believe that people have to be told that Saddam Hussein doesn’t really want to disarm? International reliations are all about ploys. I don’t think anybody really believes that President Bush wants to find a diplomatic solution for our ongoing problems with Iraq (which is probably OK, given that there really isn’t a diplomatic solution). So, his speech before the United Nations and our demands that Iraq comply with various UN Security Council resolutions are a ploy. The people running the show here in the US want to go to war with Iraq, and are simply trying to find a way to make it as palatable as possible to Americans and everybody else in the world. Anyway, hearing President Bush lecture us about Saddam’s ploys is sort of a bad joke, don’t you think?