If you haven’t yet made up your mind about whether somebody ought to storm into Iraq and send Saddam Hussein to Boot Hill, you should check out the ongoing dialogue among Slate writers arguing for and against the war. Unfortunately, the navigation for the series sucks, because it spans two weeks. Here’s a cheat sheet:

  • 9/26: Jacob Weisberg (pro)
  • 9/27: Steve Chapman (anti)
  • 9/30: William Saletan (mostly pro)
  • 10/1: Anne Applebaum (pro)
  • 10/2: Kate Taylor (anti) and Robert Wright (seemingly anti)
  • 10/3: David Plotz (pro) and Jeffrey Goldberg (pro)
  • 10/4: Dahlia Lithwick (doesn’t trust Bush) and Robert Wright (counters Jeffrey Goldberg)
  • 10/7: Jeffrey Goldberg and Steve Chapman

The arguments defy easy categorization, and are nuanced and qualified, so don’t just accept my one word summaries. As more installments are added, I’ll try to keep this item updated.