Have you heard about the new advertisements that will parody the government ads linking drug use to financing international terrorism by linking driving an SUV to the same thing? I think it’s kind of a shame that they’re targetting SUV owners in particular, because it weakens the message of the ads. I think that it’s important for Americans to learn things like the fact that the Saudi Arabians have spent literally millions of dollars over the past few decades to destroy all schools of Islamic scholarship other than the Wahabbi school, and that some percentage of the money we pour into Saudi Arabia’s economy is used to finance terrorism.

Instead, what we get is yet another big laugh at the expense of SUV drivers. Is the objective here to educate people about how things really work, or is it to get a good belly laugh at the expense of those troglodyte suburban SUV drivers? Those are the people these messages most need to reach, and who Democrats desperately need votes from in 2004. Picking on them and causing them to circle the wagons and vote for the Republicans isn’t really helping anybody, is it?