I noticed that yesterday Yahoo Sports launched a new redesign. Unfortunately, they blew it. The site is much prettier now, but they took away information that separated them from every other sports site on the Net. It used to be that they had the important scores of the day for every major sport in the left hand column of the front page. You didn’t have to drill down at all to see what was going on. Then, on the home page for each specific sport, they had the scores for today and yesterday in the left column. The quick access to the most important information that can be found on the sports page was incredibly useful, I hate to see it go. They’ve added in some customization features, but they don’t enable you to get back to the way things were. I always find it odd when the people who run sites fail to see what it is that makes them better than other sites. At Yahoo, it was the massive amount of information that was all stuffed onto one page. Now they’re just like every other site, which kind of stinks.