I’ve decided that the time has come to do something more sensible with my RSS feed. Right now, the code that generates my RSS feeds just strips all of the tags out of my items, which means, basically, that they contain now outbound links or formatting. As you know, many of the entries on this site do, in fact, contain both formatting and outbound links when you read them with your browser (though, ironically enough, this post contains neither). The reason I originally did what I did to the RSS feed was to make sure that it is always valid XML and to prevent all you people from just reading the site with your RSS tool and never coming by to visit in person, thus damaging an ego that you perhaps thought was unassailable. However, you readers are the consumers of the site and more importantly, of the RSS feed, and I want to make it better for you. I’m definitely going to stop stripping out the tags, and I’m deciding whether to post excerpts of each entry to the feed, or just copying the whole posts into the feed. I don’t know of anyone misusing the feed (by just running it on their own site without my permission), so I’m tempted to just spew out the entire posts to the feed and let the chips fall where they may with regard to unique visitors per day. If you have an opinion on this, please let me know.