You know, sometimes I like it when other people take care of my light work for me. For example, Lyn over at Medley smacks down the arrogance, no, presumptuousness of certain other webloggers with style. That “10 Habits of Highly Annoying Bloggers” post was just crying out to be flamed, but it was an obvious troll, so I didn’t go there. I mean, writing such a post is voluntary self-identification as a highly annoying person, so not much more needs to be said.

I rarely criticize other webloggers, but I certainly appreciate it when other people do it well. And, in truth, the reason I avoid it is that I try to avoid inter-weblog squabbles because I think they’re boring to be involved in. On the other hand, I often enjoy watching them from the sidelines. In any case, I wish I met up with likeminded folks from the weblog community more often because I have a huge chest of vicious things to say stored up, and I never have an occasion to spill them out. I’ve often considered starting a weblog just for saying mean things about other webloggers, but that would be childish and petty.

When I was younger, I used to be obsessed with pointing out the annoying aspects of other people’s personalities, and basically making sure that everyone knew which people I thought were jerks. With age comes wisdom, and I’ve realized that the things that annoy me about a particular person annoy most other people as well. So I don’t feel the need to rush back to my cube from meetings and kvetch with everyone about how so and so talks too damn much or how that other person always tries to suck up to their superiors. Everybody knows, except for the other annoying people. Having come to that conclusion, I find myself more at peace.