I’m kind of reading about SCO’s lawsuit against IBM, and like everybody else, I’m not impressed. I find it interesting that they’ve hired David Boies to represent them, but I don’t think that will be enough to win it for them. In any case, they’re going to have an awful case winning in the court of public opinion, but if they extract $1 billion from IBM, they won’t have to. The bottom line here for me is that SCO needs to show Linux source code supplied by IBM that violates SCO’s intellectual property. It’s all open source, obviously, so there’s no need for them to even scratch up a subpoena. The fact that they haven’t already done this leads me to doubt the merits of their case.

Update: the intellectual property in question is not patents. SCO does not hold any patents at all. So SCO is suing for something else. This suit is looking less impressive by the minute.