Warren Buffett, perhaps the most successful businessman alive today, has made a fortune without engaging in any of the shenanigans and impropriety that have ruined everyone’s confidence in corporate accountability. And every year, when he reports on Berkshire Hathaway’s results, he gives his opinion of the overall business climate. This year, he savaged directors who give CEOs huge bags of loot for mediocre (or downright atrocious) performance and generally don’t provide adequate representation of shareholders, and management teams that are dishonest or incompetent. I have huge piles of seething resentment for the worthless incompetent thieves who run most corporations, but I don’t begrudge Buffett one bit of his wealth. Personally, I think the key to his success has been his ability to be honest with himself and with his shareholders when managing Berkshire Hathaway, and by having the self discipline to ignore pretty much every fad that’s come along over the course of his career.