I just wanted to post a little bit about how I’m going to handle the ongoing war with Iraq on this weblog. Mostly, I just wanted to say not to expect a lot of posts about what’s going on in the war itself. The news reports from the war are vague and all too often completely inaccurate — that’s the nature of war. The war in Afghanistan and the day to day incidents in other war zones around the world prove that today’s shocking headline is often tomorrow’s embarrassing retraction. So I’m not going to make predictions about what will happen, or really publicly evaluate what is happening because given the lack of information, it’s pointless to try. I watch people with 30 years of experience and better connections than I’ll ever have make asses of themselves repeatedly on television, and I don’t want a part of that game.

One thing I am impressed by are people who follow the events as best they can and try to distill them down. So far the best site I’ve seen for that sort of running commentary is Sean Paul Kelly’s weblog. So, for minute to minute updates for what’s said to be going on in the war zone, try his site.