Via Unqualified Offerings, the definitive weblog post on WMDs in Iraq, or rather the lack thereof. I, like every sane person, hope that the new, post-Saddam Iraq turns into a wonderful place to live, but I will never forget that those in power dragged us into war with a pack of lies. When I spoke to people who have more faith in our leaders than I do, they told me that they supported the war because they felt like the government knew more than they did. As it turns out that could be true — they may have known all along that there were no WMDs or that inspections were working and chose to keep that from us. As I’ve always said, there was an argument to be made that we should get rid of Saddam because he’s a scumbag who viciously oppressed his own people and who would attack his neighbors as soon as he felt like he had the power to win. But that wasn’t the marketing plan for the war President Bush just lowered the curtain on last night. I really wish that anyone considering voting for Bush would think hard about what it means to have our President send hundreds of thousands of our citizens overseas to subject the millions of citizens of another country to the horrors of war for reasons that he felt we didn’t deserve to know.