This is a pointer to yet another WMD post. However, because it’s the best ever, you won’t mind. (Via Anil Dash.)

Update: I think that the Wolfowitz comments that have come out are worth further discussion. From the Reuters article:

Wolfowitz said another reason for the invasion had been “almost unnoticed but huge” — namely that the ousting of Saddam would allow the United States to remove its troops from Saudi Arabia, where their presence had long been a major al Qaeda grievance. “Just lifting that burden from the Saudis is itself going to open the door” to a more peaceful Middle East, Wolfowitz was quoted as saying.

Let’s just say straight out that it doesn’t get any more imperial than this. Senior government officials are now saying openly that we went to war for the reasons many people knew all along, one of which being to get ourselves a better piece of dirt on which to station our troops. You’d think that the shot callers at the Pentagon now more than ever would want to emphasize the great moral victory that could come from replacing an utterly vile dictator with a government that represents and benefits the Iraqi people. Of course between the fact that we seem to be botching the reconstruction of Iraq thanks to cheapskatedness and a general lack of commitment (or perhaps willfulness among those who desperately want to be right about how wars should be fought), and the fact that similar dictators suck at the US military aid teat, morality is best not brought up without crossed fingers.