All I have to say about Rob Enderle’s hit and run piece on Linux is that if that’s the best anti-Linux propaganda that can be mustered, things are going pretty well. His most forceful argument seems to be that a platform with such belligerent advocates is not appropriate for enterprise usage. To me, that’s just silly, but maybe I don’t understand the enterprise. If I deal with with IBM, HP, or Dell, who cares what the nitwits on Slashdot are griping about today? The second issue he brings up is the fear of legal liability due to intellectual property issues surrounding Linux. If that worries you, then you should go with a vendor that will indemnify you from those issues. The third issue is that there’s not a lot of prepackaged software for Linux and you need developers to make it do what you want. Even if that’s true (and it is to a certain extent), then any good IT person will figure out what software packages they need and then figure out what platform is appropriate for them. Where I work we’ve been running production Oracle instances on Linux for well over a year with no issues at all, along with lots of other applications.