The bottom line for me is that I’m voting for the Democratic nominee in the next Presidential election. Even if it’s Joe Lieberman. You already knew that. One thing I haven’t yet done is pick a favorite. I will say at this point that the two candidates that most intrigue me are Howard Dean (who has been on my radar screen ever since he joined the campaign) and John Edwards. I like Edwards because I think that his candidacy is a good trap for Bush — if Edwards is the nominee and the election becomes about bashing trial lawyers and tort reform, I think Edwards will win. I like Dean because his views are philosophically in line with my own, and because he’s leveraging the Internet to help his candidacy. I find Edwards’ lack of a proactive Internet strategy troubling. For practical reasons, Dean is also a good choice. History teach us that governors are more likely to win the Presidency than Senators, and charges of inexperience and opportunism could hurt Edwards’ candidacy in the general election. In any case, what I continue to hope for is that all of the Democratic candidates will gang up on Bush from their various areas of expertise and work hard to put any Democrat in a position to win in 2004. I had no hope for what a Bush presidency would be like, and things have been even worse than I’d feared going in. Let’s elect somebody else.

Update: Max Sawicky argues that right now, progressives should be supporting Dennis Kucinich.