I used to think that Judicial Watch, the organization that hounded the Clintons throughout his Presidency, was an evil, partisan organization. Now I’m begining to think they’re an evil nonpartisan organization. Anyway, their specialty is paying for legal action to drag out information that the government would just as soon not disclose, and one if their latest finds is some of the documentation from the top secret energy task force that the administration has fought tooth and nail to keep under wraps. Who’d guess that they include maps of Iraqi oil fields, and a document called “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts,” all dated March, 2001. I said all along that I didn’t believe our motivation for invading Iraq was about oil, but I’ve been wrong before.

Addenda: Josh Marshall posted a funny bit of the White House media briefing yesterday in which the new Press Secretary repeatedly declined to say that the President is, in fact, responsible for the things he says. Also, a British weapons expert apparently killed himself after being accused of telling the BBC that the British government had “sexed up” an intelligence dossier about Iraq’s weapons. And as long as I’m expanding this beyond all rational bounds, what to say about the White House leaking “dirt” to the Drudge Report on journalists that air reports unfavorable to the administration? Finally, here’s an easy laugh.