The big news today is the possible killing of Uday and Qusay Hussein in a villa in Mosul after a four hour firefight. Obviously there’s no way to know whether they are really among the dead, or what really happened at all, but the news I have read leaves me buzzing with questions. If they are dead, it’s a shame that we couldn’t capture them alive. They probably have a lot of information that we’d like, and I would like to see them held to account for the atrocities for which they were responsible. Anyway, on with the question.

Reports indicate that the fight included up to 200 US soldiers and took for hours, but they also say that there were only five dead and five wounded Iraqis. I also heard on the BBC that the bodies were charred beyond recognition. None of that seems to match up. How could 10 Iraqis holed up in a residence hold out against 200 soldiers? If there were survivors, how did they survive while the people who they were supposed to be guarding with their lives get burned beyond recognition? Anyway there’s probably no point in paying attention to the news right now since it’s almost certain that everything being reported is inaccurate.