At home, I have a Linux box that I use as a server for various things. I connect to the Internet using a cable modem, and I have a Linksys router that I use to share the connection among three computers, including the Linux box. The router forwards port 80 and port 22 to the Linux box so that I can view Web pages on it and so that I can connect to it via SSH from external networks. I also use DynDNS to assign a hostname to the router so that I can connect to the Linux box easily regardless of my current DHCP-assigned IP address. Everything works as expected, except that when I connect via SSH from an external network, the connection regularly hangs for a couple of minutes and then goes back to normal. I don’t lose my connection, I just can’t send any more input or receive any output — it’s like extreme lag. I don’t ever have this problem downloading Web pages from the server, and when I connect to the machine on my local network at home, I experience no such lag. Any help diagnosing this problem would be appreciated.

Update: someone suggested a firmware update. Given that I haven’t updated the firmware in spite of the fact that I’ve had my router for about three years, that seems likely to be the problem.