Tim Bray has performed the service of posting a handy version of the Geneva Accord to his Web site. The Geneva Accord is a model accord reached through years of negotiations between nonofficial parties representing the Israelis and Palestinians. The goal was to demonstrate how an agreement could be reached that was acceptable to both sides. I think the accords are a triumph, not just for the content, but because they give the Israeli left a story to tell to Israeli voters. It seems like for the past few years, the only voice has been the Likud voice, which seems to say that the solution to the ongoing problem is to beat the Palestinians until they give up. That hasn’t worked. Hopefully Israel’s voters will cast a skeptical eye on the politicians that are denouncing the accords, and some movement toward peace will happen. (Needless to say, the Palestinians would have to accept an agreement and turn on their rejectionists as well for any progress to be made.)