Every once in awhile you encounter an observation so revolutionary and yet so obviously true that you have to catch your breath. I’ve recently started reading March Schmitt’s weblog, The Decembrist, and was rewarded with this:

I do think that the backlash against the Medicare bill is not long in coming, and No Child Left Behind is already one of the most locally unpopular federal initiatives in a long time. But as I’ve written before, it’s not easy for Democrats to find centrist language that shows how they would do things differently, that goes beyond the liberalism of “more.” As it is, I suspect the backlash against this crappy, lazy, irresponsible legislation will not be a call to improve it, but simply another backlash against government. “Look at this Medicare mess,” seniors will say: “government can’t do anything right!” And when Americans are pissed off at government, who do they call? Republicans.

Revolting, but true. Read the whole thing. He elaborates further here.