The New York Times reports that Pakistan is behind Libya’s nuclear program. I don’t really care about Libya’s nuclear program, but it does concern me that Pakistan seems perfectly willing to trade nuclear technology to anyone with money. Since September 11, certain people have been pointing out that Pakistan is the nexus of nearly all of our problems with what I guess you’d call the Islamic world. Pakistan’s ISI was giving aid and comfort to al-Qaeda for years. They’re major sponsors of terrorism in Kashmir, and they propped up the Taliban for their own benefit. On the other side of things, they’ve built a nuclear program that is not only a source for regional instability but that is patient zero in an epidemic of nuclear proliferation. It seems to me that the question the US has to answer is whether Pervez Musharraf is part of the problem or part of the solution, and what we can do to contain the problems Pakistan is causing. I’m not sure how having invaded and occoupied Iraq helps with any of that.