Will this come to pass? I fear so, unless something radical changes in the near future. When you combine it with this article talking about how Republicans are on the cusp of siezing control of the federal government long term, you begin to realize what a long dark night just about everyone in this country could be facing. One thing Americans may soon learn is that voting on issues relating to anything other than real people’s relationship to big business and war is a luxury that most people in the world can’t afford.

One of the most frustrating things to me is that it seems so screamingly obvious to me that Bush has to go, that he’s not just a bad politician but that he is an absolute danger to the things that make America the great country that it is, and yet probably half of the people in this country see him as a good leader. What do they see that I don’t see? Don’t the huge structural changes in our country’s fiscal position totally scare the crap out of them? Aren’t they alarmed by the fact that he seeks to justify his destructive and undermining foreign policy by keeping us in constant fear? Doesn’t it bother them that Bush runs around talking about the resurgent economy when the employment situation totally sucks, we’re down millions of jobs from when he began, and wages are completely stagnant? Indeed, one of the biggest problems I face when explaining to people why Bush is just so darn bad is that I honestly don’t know where to begin. How could I and so many other people be so far apart on this? It baffles me.