Mozilla Firefox 0.8 has been released. You’ve probably been calling it Firebird, but the Mozillians decided to change the name to avoid perpetuating the namespace collision with the Firebird relational database. I just hope they don’t change the name of the email client to Thunderfox. One big new feature is the integration of an installer for Windows into the standard build. There had been an installer available for Windows for several releases, but it was built and distributed outside the core project. Now, Windows downloads are packaged as an installable file. If nothing else, that says it’s getting pretty close to being ready for prime time.

Update: I can’t seem to download the update from the Mozilla site due to there being too much traffic. Is it just me, or should there be a way to download the Mozilla products via BitTorrent? (Less than 60 seconds after posting that, a reader sent me a BitTorrent link, which you can access here.)

Update: Thunderbird 0.5 is also out today.