The Israeli army robbed several Palestinian banks today of the funds that they claimed were in accounts associated with terrorism. Of course, anyone who understands how banks work knows that the money in your account isn’t waiting there for you to come withdraw it, so it’s hard to see how the Israelis can justify taking money from the funds on deposit in the bank and then claiming that it belonged to terrorists (or supporters of terrorists). In its defense, Israel says it’s going to use the loot to help Palestinians:

Israel has promised the money will be used instead on projects “that benefit Palestinian welfare.” Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz last night ordered the government coordinator in the territories to draw up plans to use the confiscated money for “humanitarian” purposes in the territories. Mofaz is issuing orders for improvements in the Palestinian health services, busing for school children and improving infrastructure at checkpoints and other crossing points. “The money should be used to improve conditions for the residents of the territories, not to kill Israelis,” he said.

Maybe we can get a quote from Grover Norquist explaining that this was really no different than income tax in the United States.