So it looks like we’re turning Fallujah over to a former Iraqi general who was governor of Anbar province (where Fallujah is located) and was former military adviser to Chemical Ali. When we said we were letting former Baath party members start working with the new government, I thought we meant school teachers, postmen, and other such people. I didn’t know we meant Baath party insiders like General Salah. It sounds to me like we’re turning security in Fallujah over to the insurgents for all intents and purposes. Maybe it will work out better than what we’ve tried out up til now. It bears close watching in any case.

One risk that Christopher Albritton doesn’t point out is that the new force may very well keep Fallujah secure and quiet, but at the same time let it remain a haven for insurgents, terrorists, and other anti-occupation types, basically letting them do what they wish as long as they don’t make trouble in Fallujah proper.