I was going to write up an item on the Gawker Media revenue numbers discussed in this Business 2.0 article, but Nick Denton says they’re all made up, so what’s the point? I can give you my cost and revenue numbers for this site, though. Over the past five years, I’ve received two books from my Amazon.com Wish List (which I very much appreciated), some free books from an editor at a computer book company you know and love, and some Amazon.com referral fees totalling less than $100, which I donated to Habitat for Humanity as promised. I spend about $30 a month on Web hosting, and have spent money on domain registration and so forth, so I’ve spent probably $2000 over the years to keep this thing up and running, plus a lot of time that I would have no doubt frittered away anyway. What can I say? My business model sucks.