So, all the way back on December 17, 2003 I complained that the GPRS service for my Cingular-supplied mobile phone wasn’t working. I griped again on December 18, and again on January 19 and February 17. The ugly truth though is that since the second complaint, I just gave up on calling Cingular and started waiting for the service to start working on its own. I’m going out of town for the weekend, and I’m going to need access to baseball scores, so I finally worked up the energy to call Cingular and work the problem out. I called the customer support line, went through some steps, and it didn’t work, so they told me to call tech support. I did that. We did some stuff. They told me to call back on a land line. I did that. We did some stuff. They transferred me to another group (data communications, I think). We did a bunch of stuff. Still didn’t work. They turned off my service. They turned my service back on. Things started working, and I am now GPRS enabled. Unfortunately, now my phone seems to be getting corrupt text messages from somewhere every few minutes. One thing at a time, I guess.