Jeanne D’Arc posts a useful update on what’s up in Iraq these days, at least based on media accounts. I also read an account of Robert Fisk’s three weeks spent in Iraq today, but I didn’t link to it because I was too depressed after I read it. Finally, I was talking to a real live person today who has been in Iraq for the past four months, working on IT issues for coalition forces in Iraq. He lives at the coalition base near the ruins of Babylon, and travels around south central Iraq working on satellite uplinks and that sort of thing. He said flat out that he didn’t see any way for Iraq to turn out OK after having been there. (Those aren’t his words, he said something equally plain but I can’t remember what it was.)

Update: here’s a link to the Fisk article. I’m never sure whether Robert Fisk’s talent is in making things seem more dismal than they actually are, or just as dismal as they actually are.