So my wife was talking to the guy who power washed our house today, and he said he was hoping to set up a Web site where he could put up before and after pictures of the work he’s done. (He’s amazingly meticulous, and cheap … you should see the job he did on my deck.) Anyway, he said he’d talked to some people who offered to do it for $1500 and up, which is really pretty cheap, but more expensive than a guy who works for the prices this guy does can afford. The bigger problem is that I’m certain that these would be static Web sites that would be impossible for him to update on his own unless he wanted to learn about HTML, and FTP, and all the other stuff you need to start out as a Webmaster.

So I’m wondering what the best option is for someone like that. It seems like what he’d need would be a couple of HTML pages and the ability to set up photo galleries and easily publish images to them. It seems to me that given all of the free tools out there, it would be relatively easy to set up such a simple site. I wonder what the best approach is? (TypePad has photo galleries that are pretty nice, but I’m not sure how the weblog as home page would be for a small business.)