Does it seem to you like the investigation into John Kerry’s Vietnam War record is a maze of twisty little passages, all alike? Did John Kerry heroically protect the crew of his boat by killing a combatant with a rocket launcher, or did he cravenly shoot a wounded enemy from behind? Did Kerry return to that location the next day to film a reenactment of the event? Did Kerry “earn” his own Purple Hearts by being wounded in combat, or were two of the wounds self-inflicted? Was John Kerry’s swift boat in the territorial waters of Cambodia in December, 1968?

The campaign by the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” has been extremely effective because it puts out an alternate account of events out there for people to have to contrast with the account that Kerry has put forth. And most people don’t have time to really look into which side is telling the truth in any great detail. This is why smear campaigns work so well, I suppose.

Update: This site is worth reading if you’re interested in this subject. The claims of the Swift Boat Veterans certainly do seem to be spurious based on what I’ve read.