I thought I’d post a little something about the Bush National Guard documents. People say they’re fake. I say, who cares? Why are Democrats so obsessed with this issue? Bush’s record as President should be enough to boot him out of office, why dwell on this 30 years ago stuff? Here’s what uber-analyst Charlie Cook has to say about the election a couple of weeks ago:

A week when the focus is on the economy and jobs, or on Iraq and casualties, the management of the war, and weapons of mass destruction is a good week for Kerry and a bad week for Bush. When the focus is on almost anything else, it’s very likely to be a good week for Bush and a bad week for Kerry.

I think that Bush’s National Guard service is included in “almost anything else.” Keep your eye on the ball, Democrats. This fight can and should be won on the substantive issues.

Update: EJ Dionne correctly identifies the scandal upon which Democrats should pounce. You know, the one where President Bush told us a bunch of stuff that wasn’t true and then played upon the fears that he and his administration drummed up to gain support for invading Iraq. Oh, and the other lies about how Iraqis loved Americans and couldn’t wait for us to run their country.