I finally took the plunge and joined the wifi world this week. That tells you how late an adopter I am. I bought a laptop several years ago with the intention of buying a wifi hub and card for it, and I finally got the network set up last night. I haven’t actually used the computer anywhere but on the desk where it lives already, so wifi has not yet revolutionized my life, but I do want to give credit to NetGear for producing products that are easier to set up. I don’t think it took more more than 10 minutes to swap out my LinkSys router with the new NetGear router and get everything up and running, and the NetGear software is much better than the software for my old LinkSys box. I imagine a lot of that has to do with age, but I also suspect that NetGear just makes better stuff than LinkSys. Certainly the new router is much more aesthetically pleasing than the old LinkSys router that I have. The only question now is why my computers are connecting to the router at 54mpbs instead of the promised 108mbps. (The answer seems to be here.)