Being the type of person who sits around and surfs the web most of the time, I wasn’t at the Web 2.0 conference that everybody was blogging about last week. I did note with interest that one of the new startups that made some noise is a company called SpikeSource, which features on its management team Ray Lane, of Oracle fame, and Kim Polese, of Sun and Marimba fame. (Remember when people thought Marimba was going to come out with interesting products people would use? Their product was so hyped that computer book writing rock star Laura Lemay published a book about it.) Anyway, SpikeSource is going to be offering IT services based on an open source stack of products. To be honest, it doesn’t sound like a very inspired idea. All sorts of IT services companies are using open source products, so I guess these guys will have to differentiate based on execution.

On the plus side, looking at the technology stack that SpikeSource feels pretty good to me. The only component that I don’t have real experience with is JBoss. I’m still doing my best to avoid EJBs, and have been completely successful so far.

One thing I do find odd is that there’s no mention of career opportunities on the SpikeSource site. You’d think that an IT services provider would need manpower, so why aren’t these guys hiring yet? The other question you have to ask is what kind of coders these guys are bringing on. JBoss has been snapping up open source project leaders left and right to do consulting for them, and the Spring Framework guys have started up their own consulting concern as well. You’d think that SpikeSource would try to establish some cred by hiring the people who’ve built the products in their technology stack. I haven’t seen any mention of that yet.

Update: A reader mentions that any SpikeSource job openings will probably be posted in Asia.