As the election draws nearer, I continue to try more desperately to figure out why people are going to vote to reelect President Bush. I’m not making a joke here, I mean I really sit and think hard about why someone would think that’s a good idea. And honestly, it’s hard not to come to conclusions that make me think less of them. The best reason I can come up with right now is that a person is a supporter of the larger Republican agenda, and in the greater scheme of things, any Republican is more likely to promote it than any Democrat. I can see why someone would do that. The other option is the sincere belief that President Bush is horrible but that John Kerry would still be worse. I don’t get it, but I guess that’s an option.

What disturbs me though are not those people, but the people who are true believers. They don’t think that voting for President Bush is the best choice among a series of bad options, but rather that President Bush is a great President. I don’t know anybody like that personally (even the Republicans who I know don’t enthusiastically endorse Bush, and quite a few of them aren’t going to vote for him at all), but I know they’re out there. You can spot them by the stickers on their cars. They say things like “W the President” or “Support President Bush and the troops.” And those people I just don’t get. I can’t help thinking that they are what’s wrong with this country.

Update: Jason Levine looks into the Bush true believers.